Although we do try our very best to give our customers the best shipping rates, we also have to address the challenge of part-time staffing and prompt order processing. So, on occasion, our shipping charges will be slightly higher than you may expect to cover staff time and travel to the USPS or local FedEx pick-up location.  Isle of Pines Root Beer orders are automatically charged a rate of $40.00 per case due to the packaging requirements and weight of the package.

Additionally, due to our location in far, northern Minnesota not all shipping options are available.

However, we do offer in-store pick-up of items if you are able to come to the museum in Ely, Minnesota! During the summer visitor season, we are open daily 10am-5pm Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. The rest of the year we would be happy to coordinate a pick-up of your items, just call and leave a voicemail at 218.365.4451 or email Jess at We just ask that you give us some time to get back to you.

Gift orders must be placed by midnight December 18 in order to arrive by Saturday, December 23.